The supreme desert

–the sweet sisters of the Quiches-

The sweet “sister” of the Quiche is the Tart. We make it using the same tendre, crunchy, pate brisée dough, only this time we give it a sharper teste, by using flavor from the lemon zest, vanilla sugar, almonds or coconut flour. Be it summer, be it winter, we let ourselves get indulged in tarts filled with either lemon, vanilla, fresh seasonal fruits, white or dark chocolate or anything that delights our senses.

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Vegan tart with chocolate and berries

195.00 lei

The vegan “version” of the chocolate and forest berries tart is also a decadent treat.

With a crust made out of almonds and coconut flakes and a dark chocolate and coconut milk filling, this desert surprises with its sweet-and- sour taste, given by the forest berries dipped in chocolate cream. No extra words needed.

Fruit tart

15.00 lei

I made the “daylight” version of the dark chocolate tart using fizzy vanilla cream and blends/mixes of fresh seasonal fruits. The soury taste of the fruits acts as a catalyst for the vanilla cream. Their fibers enlongue the feeling of satiety, helping you lose weight. The minerals and vitamins comprised in this desert, make it a health and energy booster!


12.00 lei / 144.00 lei

Served during the sumptuous medieval feasts held at the Alsacian châteaus, the Kouglof Cake is truly a fairy tale desert! The Chez Odette version of this cake lies in a dense pumpkin and almond flakes composition, using lemon and orange nectar/ syrup for the base and finish everything off with a white chocolate, berries/forest fruits and pistachio frosting, while still keeping its romantic shape and basic ingredients.

Have a slice for a royal indulgence!

Lemon tart

15.00 lei

The most appropriate desert you can have after a generous meal is a soury and flavoury “tarte au citron“. The lemon transforms the classical desert into a fresh experience, due to the sharp taste of the citruses (citrus fruits).

Let aside their well-known antiviral, antibacterial and immunostimulatory properties, the lemons in this tart will also fill you up on vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, pectins and bioflavonoids –meaning: it will strengthen your immune system, helping you fight back possible infections.


Lemon and meringue tart

17.00 lei

Mellow mellow…marshmallow! 😀

Also part of the“tarte au citron“ story is the lemon and meringue tart, decorated with pistachio beads..

When sweet dances with sour, Vitamin C is easier to…spin!

A light desert, with a long-lasting effect!

Red Velvet Cake (Le gâteau de velours rouge)

195.00 lei

I took the traditional ‘Red Velvet Cake’ and made it my own, by using red beet as a main ingredient and also a natural alternative for food coloring.

The cake was then mantled in a vanilla flavored mascarpone cream and adorned with goodies from the garden: strawberries and fresh mint.

During those hot months of the year, when the variety of fresh fruit simply spoils us, ‘velour rouge’ works best as a light, nutritious and sweeeet desert!

This french version of the cake is called ‘Velour Rouge’–Chez Odette style!

Chocolate and forest berries tart

10.00 lei / 15.00 lei

Any “chocoholic’s dream comes to life now!
When you feel like trying“quelque chose de bon”, we suggest you taste our chocolate and fruit berries French tarts. What could be better than a fresh/ tener crust, generously filled with dense chocolate cream and the refreshing taste of fruit berries?!