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Vegan tart with chocolate and berries

195.00 lei

The vegan “version” of the chocolate and forest berries tart is also a decadent treat.

With a crust made out of almonds and coconut flakes and a dark chocolate and coconut milk filling, this desert surprises with its sweet-and- sour taste, given by the forest berries dipped in chocolate cream. No extra words needed.

Cauliflower and celery soup

14.00 lei

This is a sapid cream soup, in which the flavour of the celery is gorgeously intertwined with the therapeutic effects of the cauliflower. Originating from the Mediteranean (Sea) basin, cauliflower is a true panacea regarding health, due to its sulfur-based compounds –it is considered the enemy of the cancer. In order to keep the Mediteraneean atmosphere, I added some extra flavours: bay leaves, lemon, fennel and sea salt.

Pumpkin and quince soup

14.00 lei

On a cold autumn night, I pulled out a Big Moose pumpkin from the cellar.

I remembered that, from it, not only can I make the delicious pies that my grandma used to bake, but also a creamy and healthy soup. I added slices of quince to give it a pinch of flavour, while the pumpkin: I chose to season with salt and pepper, also using garlic and dried greens from my attic. It was only later that I poured veggie stock, nutmeg and a drop of lemon into the mixture. For some extra flavour I added a tablespoon of sour cream.

Tell me if you are a vegetarian and I’ll be glad to switch that sour cream with a tablespoon of coconut milk.

Aside from being a savory meal, this soup is rich in fiber, minerals, antioxidants, vitamin A, low on calories, but packed with beta-carotene! Trick or treat?

Zucchini, goat cheese and olives phyllo cups

12.00 lei / 20.00 lei

Although they are not ‘woven wickers’, you can oh so easily take them with you!

The cups are that energy boosting, low on calories type of snack that you can enjoy in-between meetings or whenever you crave something tasty, nutritious and light.

The zucchini provide our daily mineral and anti-oxidants intake: vitamins A, C and E, along with a substantial amount of dietary fibers.

Royal Gardens (calming)

14.00 lei

Rich in chlorophyll, green blends are what you need when you want to purify your body and specifically your blood! The alkaline alternative to detox smoothies, this juice contains properties similar to those of hemoglobin: the liquid chlorophyll found in green leaves helps reconstruct and restore the red cell count. These are vital to the health of your blood, while also compensating for possible mineral deficits.

Lucuma powder is used as a natural sweetener, along with its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and skin repairing effects.

Moulin “Ruj” (detox)

14.00 lei

It is well known that the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables enhance each other’s potency when combined. The red beet, as the natural ‘liver protector’, is one of the most nurturing vegetables for your organism. Its sweet-and- sour taste goes wonderfully with the alkaline taste of apple and carrot juice.

Ginger gives this blend a spicy note, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The Sun King (energizing)

14.00 lei

Orange and lime juice, together with the fibers and antioxidants found in goji berries, strengthen the immune system, drive away the cold, and energize the organism!
Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.


12.00 lei / 144.00 lei

Served during the sumptuous medieval feasts held at the Alsacian châteaus, the Kouglof Cake is truly a fairy tale desert! The Chez Odette version of this cake lies in a dense pumpkin and almond flakes composition, using lemon and orange nectar/ syrup for the base and finish everything off with a white chocolate, berries/forest fruits and pistachio frosting, while still keeping its romantic shape and basic ingredients.

Have a slice for a royal indulgence!

Quiche with saumon fumé

144.00 lei

Flavored, refined, sophisticated – saumon fumé!

A consistent and rich quiche, with Normandyan marine flavor and a brisk touch of lemon. This delicious lunch or dinner, will spoil your taste buds and will make you recall the sea, the sun and… your holiday!