Dear friends,

Welcome aboard on a gastronomic journey, all the way to… France ! It is here that I have discovered my true passion for cooking, the most intriguing culinary experiences and also, where I baked ‘my magical recipe’.

I will/ shall be your guide through this enchanting world of flavours, tastes and smells, which will cheer and jolly your table.

On y va! So, our adventure begins ! Let’s heat up the oven and start baking those tartes!

“La recette magique” of an unforgettable journey is simple: accessible, but carefully selected and ingeniously combined ingredients, moderately baked, in both small and large shapes. The result : crunchy, cripsy, steamy quiches and sweet, aromatic tarts.


  • Beautiful moments and memories
  • Passion
  • Heartily talent
  • Aspiration and persuasion
  • Love
  • High spirits
  • Fresh, seasonable vegetables
  • Organic eggs
  • Character cheese
  • Rich sour cream
  • Aromatic herbs and greens

How to prepare it:

Toss in a bowl all your beautiful memories and moments collected over time –the more, the better- to get the mixture rich and consistent. We then add one kilogram of passion and all the talent we’ve got; aspiration and persuasion are sprinkledavec generosité, (generously sprinkled), together with a big cup of amour. All these ingredients are gently mixed and are left to rise in a casy, safe place.

Meanwhile, we start working on the filling, like this: we hit the au marché (market) and, according to the season, we pick out the freshest, nicely riped vegetables, along with eggs, fromage and cream, aromatic herbs and greens, which we mix after our own heart and then merrily and richly season. We place the mixture in the oven, we let it parch and we serve it each time we feel like heading off or eating “quelque chose de bon” (something good).

Cooking time: according to the quantity

Number of servings: enough pour tous les amis (all our friends)

And so, before we even began thinking it, our tart is ready! What truly makes it special is a secret ingredient, which you will come to know only by tasting it. You will then see how, in a blink of an eye, you will be swept away, smile wholeheartedly, and the World will be suddenly a better place...

Bon appétit!

The goodies store

Cranberry cookies

65.00 lei / 85.00 lei

What goes perfectly with tea, coffee or milk? A biscuit!

By now, you already know we add a healthy ingredient to all our desserts.These five o’clock tea biscuits are filled with sour cranberries which are, in turn, packed with antioxidants and vitamins. For those with a high glycemic index, we swapped sugar for stevia.

Gingerbread with honey and Christmassy flavors

80.00 lei

Childhood? Christmas? In a cupboard, on a shelf, there’s this notebook I have… skimming through it I found my mother’s gingerbread recipe: honey, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and anise. It all took me back to happy times that I want to share with you! This is the gingerbread you find wrapped under the Christmas tree!


Praline cream, milk chocolate mousse and a touch of orange tart ( 4 Pieces)

17.00 lei

Any “chocoholic’s” dream comes to life right now! When craving “quelque chose de bon”, we suggest you try our French dark chocolate, milk chocolate and almond praline tarts. What can taste better than a fresh crust, generously filled with chocolate cream and a subtle citrus taste?

Lemon and meringue tart (4Pieces)

17.00 lei

Mellow mellow…marshmallow! 😀

Also part of the“tarte au citron“ story is the lemon and meringue tart, decorated with pistachio beads..

When sweet dances with sour, Vitamin C is easier to…spin!

A light desert, with a long-lasting effect!

Hercule Poireaux Quiche [Poireaux (leek), camembert cheese and oranges Quiche]

98.00 lei

Intense camembert flavor.. the sweetness of oranges.. a pinch of nutmeg gently sprinkled on top of all of this and that quelquechose“ which brings them all harmoniously together..Poireaux (leek) will give us the power to unravel this…. tasteful mistery!

A “daring“ quiche, for the inquiring ones!

Red Velvet Cake (Le gâteau de velours rouge)

80.00 lei

I took the traditional ‘Red Velvet Cake’ and made it my own, by using red beet as a main ingredient and also a natural alternative for food coloring.

The cake was then mantled in a vanilla flavored mascarpone cream and adorned with goodies from the garden: strawberries and fresh mint.

During those hot months of the year, when the variety of fresh fruit simply spoils us, ‘velour rouge’ works best as a light, nutritious and sweeeet desert!

This french version of the cake is called ‘Velour Rouge’–Chez Odette style!

Quiche with broccoli, cauliflower and olives

85.00 lei

Crunchy cauliflower and broccoli bouquets, dipped in a both sweet and salty cheese cream, comfortably placed onto a tart dough.

The specific character of the tart is given by the salty Kalamata olives and the mustard seeds.

Tout est comme à l’ancienne.

Quiche with spinach and goat cheese

98.00 lei

For periods of intense physical and mental activity we recommend a quiche with spinach and loads of goat cheese.

Due to the nourishing and (re)mineralizing properties of spinach, and its antianemic, hypotensive and hypoglycemic effect, this quiche suits those going through stressful periods, helping fight back exhaustion.

Let’s not forget that spinach is also an anticarcinogenic agent, therefor bringing and keeping health to the table!

Let yourself be refreshed by a slice!

Quiche with saumon fumé

105.00 lei

Flavored, refined, sophisticated – saumon fumé!

A consistent and rich quiche, with Normandyan marine flavor and a brisk touch of lemon. This delicious lunch or dinner, will spoil your taste buds and will make you recall the sea, the sun and… your holiday!

Quiche Lorraine

85.00 lei

Le classique, bien connu et adoré Quiche Lorraine, with bacon, leek and red pepper, now has a special character, given by the fait a la maison hot pepper jam. This tart tastes beautifully alongside a fresh green salad. It is best served in the company of your loved ones.

Quiche with Big Moose pumpkin and gorgonzola

98.00 lei

For those who like to go for strong sensations, we created this crunchy, salty tart –quiche- with “Big Moose” pumpkin. We plucked, baked and seasoned it with salt, pepper, thyme/ savory and garlic. The spicy taste and the enticing attitude are given by the gorgonzola cheese cubes.

VEGAN Quiche

98.00 lei

We put a lot of love into this vegan quiche (also fit for fasting periods) : we use spinach, leek, mushrooms and tofu cream filling, that we then lay onto a crispy dough, made with coconut oil, white-wheat flour and fennel seeds.

* no animal fats here.

For an extra touch of flavor and style, this quiche is seasoned with cherry tomatoes and/ or baked organic/ bio tofu cheese cubes, sprinkled with inactive yeast flakes.

Mini soufflés with smoked salmon

9.00 lei

Can you name what is small, fluffy and…. smoked? Mini soufflés with smoked salmon, of course!
A consistent and rich snack, with Normandyan marine flavor and a brisk touch of lemon. This delicious mini soufflé will spoil your taste buds and make you daydream of the sea, the sun and… your holiday!
Mini-suffles for a maxi-appetite!

Mini cake with french beans and olives

5.00 lei

Usually sweet by definition, the cake is something most of us would crave for! So we reinvented and transformed this type of snack into a salty one: an apéritif.

You can order them when you feel like putting together that buffet for friends, celebrating an event or simply going for a picnic.

The French beans is the main ingredient due to its fiber intake, beta-carotene, lutein and folic acid, but also for the vitamin A, C, K and B6 plus.

The olives and the dill perfectly season this salty, ‘good to eat amongst family and friends’ type of cake.

Zucchini, goat cheese and olives phyllo cups

6.00 lei

Although they are not ‘woven wickers’, you can oh so easily take them with you!

The cups are that energy boosting, low on calories type of snack that you can enjoy in-between meetings or whenever you crave something tasty, nutritious and light.

The zucchini provide our daily mineral and anti-oxidants intake: vitamins A, C and E, along with a substantial amount of dietary fibers.

Mini soufflés with spinach and mushrooms

6.00 lei

An infusion of both proteins and vitamins in a fluffy spinach, mushrooms and cheese “muffin”!

Nutritious, remineralizing and antianemic, spinach goes hand in hand with another super-food: mushrooms.

Besides vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and folic acid, with a substantial part of fiber, the mushroom serving in my mini soufflés also provides your daily mineral(s) intake: potassium, copper, iron, phosphorus and selenium.


12.00 lei / 144.00 lei

Served during the sumptuous medieval feasts held at the Alsacian châteaus, the Kouglof Cake is truly a fairy tale desert! The Chez Odette version of this cake lies in a dense pumpkin and almond flakes composition, using lemon and orange nectar/ syrup for the base and finish everything off with a white chocolate, berries/forest fruits and pistachio frosting, while still keeping its romantic shape and basic ingredients.

Have a slice for a royal indulgence!

Fruit tart (4 Pieces)

15.00 lei

I made the “daylight” version of the dark chocolate tart using fizzy vanilla cream and blends/mixes of fresh seasonal fruits. The soury taste of the fruits acts as a catalyst for the vanilla cream. Their fibers enlongue the feeling of satiety, helping you lose weight. The minerals and vitamins comprised in this desert, make it a health and energy booster!

Lemon tart

15.00 lei

The most appropriate desert you can have after a generous meal is a soury and flavoury “tarte au citron“. The lemon transforms the classical desert into a fresh experience, due to the sharp taste of the citruses (citrus fruits).

Let aside their well-known antiviral, antibacterial and immunostimulatory properties, the lemons in this tart will also fill you up on vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, pectins and bioflavonoids –meaning: it will strengthen your immune system, helping you fight back possible infections.


Vegan tart with chocolate and berries

195.00 lei

The vegan “version” of the chocolate and forest berries tart is also a decadent treat.

With a crust made out of almonds and coconut flakes and a dark chocolate and coconut milk filling, this desert surprises with its sweet-and- sour taste, given by the forest berries dipped in chocolate cream. No extra words needed.

Royal Gardens (calming)

14.00 lei

Rich in chlorophyll, green blends are what you need when you want to purify your body and specifically your blood! The alkaline alternative to detox smoothies, this juice contains properties similar to those of hemoglobin: the liquid chlorophyll found in green leaves helps reconstruct and restore the red cell count. These are vital to the health of your blood, while also compensating for possible mineral deficits.

Lucuma powder is used as a natural sweetener, along with its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and skin repairing effects.

Moulin “Ruj” (detox)

14.00 lei

It is well known that the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables enhance each other’s potency when combined. The red beet, as the natural ‘liver protector’, is one of the most nurturing vegetables for your organism. Its sweet-and- sour taste goes wonderfully with the alkaline taste of apple and carrot juice.

Ginger gives this blend a spicy note, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The Sun King (energizing)

14.00 lei

Orange and lime juice, together with the fibers and antioxidants found in goji berries, strengthen the immune system, drive away the cold, and energize the organism!
Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

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