Les bon vieux classiques

Un quiche poate fi servit ca o gustare, ca un mic dejun bogat, ca un prânz rapid sau ca o cină ușoară, datorită faptului că poate fi savurat atât cald, cât și rece. Combinațiile ingenioase de brânzeturi fel de fel, smântână catifelată și ouă organice, cu bacon, somon sau legume, constituie umplutura tartei, iar condimentele și ierburile folosite îți vor delecta simțurile într-un mod surprinzător.

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Quiche with saumon fumé

105.00 lei

Flavored, refined, sophisticated – saumon fumé!

A consistent and rich quiche, with Normandyan marine flavor and a brisk touch of lemon. This delicious lunch or dinner, will spoil your taste buds and will make you recall the sea, the sun and… your holiday!

Quiche with spinach and goat cheese

98.00 lei

For periods of intense physical and mental activity we recommend a quiche with spinach and loads of goat cheese.

Due to the nourishing and (re)mineralizing properties of spinach, and its antianemic, hypotensive and hypoglycemic effect, this quiche suits those going through stressful periods, helping fight back exhaustion.

Let’s not forget that spinach is also an anticarcinogenic agent, therefor bringing and keeping health to the table!

Let yourself be refreshed by a slice!

Quiche with broccoli, cauliflower and olives

85.00 lei

Crunchy cauliflower and broccoli bouquets, dipped in a both sweet and salty cheese cream, comfortably placed onto a tart dough.

The specific character of the tart is given by the salty Kalamata olives and the mustard seeds.

Tout est comme à l’ancienne.

Quiche Lorraine

85.00 lei

Le classique, bien connu et adoré Quiche Lorraine, with bacon, leek and red pepper, now has a special character, given by the fait a la maison hot pepper jam. This tart tastes beautifully alongside a fresh green salad. It is best served in the company of your loved ones.

Hercule Poireaux Quiche [Poireaux (leek), camembert cheese and oranges Quiche]

98.00 lei

Intense camembert flavor.. the sweetness of oranges.. a pinch of nutmeg gently sprinkled on top of all of this and that quelquechose“ which brings them all harmoniously together..Poireaux (leek) will give us the power to unravel this…. tasteful mistery!

A “daring“ quiche, for the inquiring ones!

Quiche with Big Moose pumpkin and gorgonzola

98.00 lei

For those who like to go for strong sensations, we created this crunchy, salty tart –quiche- with “Big Moose” pumpkin. We plucked, baked and seasoned it with salt, pepper, thyme/ savory and garlic. The spicy taste and the enticing attitude are given by the gorgonzola cheese cubes.

VEGAN Quiche

98.00 lei

We put a lot of love into this vegan quiche (also fit for fasting periods) : we use spinach, leek, mushrooms and tofu cream filling, that we then lay onto a crispy dough, made with coconut oil, white-wheat flour and fennel seeds.

* no animal fats here.

For an extra touch of flavor and style, this quiche is seasoned with cherry tomatoes and/ or baked organic/ bio tofu cheese cubes, sprinkled with inactive yeast flakes.